Welcome to Pelion: Discover the Beauty and Activities in Greece’s Magnificent Pelion Mountain!

Relax and be our guest as you explore Pelion, known as the summer residence of the 12 Olympian gods and the legendary land of the Argonauts. Combining stunning mountain landscapes with picturesque seaside vistas, Pelion offers a harmonious blend of tradition, culture, natural beauty, and unique local architecture. Immerse yourself in the charm of charming mountainous villages, cobblestone paths, and breathtaking beaches along the Aegean Sea and the tranquil Pagasetic Gulf.

At Volos Transfers, we invite you to experience the allure of Pelion and embark on a remarkable journey. Whether you seek thrilling adventures, indulgent gastronomy, or rejuvenating mountain and seaside resorts, Pelion has something to offer every traveler. Discover the essence of nature at its finest, indulge in local culinary delights, and participate in exciting activities that create unforgettable memories.

Activities in Pelion: Your Guide to Exciting Adventures

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Discover the Magic of Pelion with Volos Transfers

Allow us to lead you to the enchanting destinations in Pelion, where captivating contradictions and breathtaking scenery await. From the charming central region, including Makrinitsa, Portaria, Agria, and more, to the captivating eastern region encompassing Zagora and Horefto, Pelion offers diverse experiences for all travelers.

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Pelion ( A Zone)

Central Pelion: Makrinitsa, Portaria, Agria, Drakeia, Agios Lavrentios, Agios Georgios, Pinakates, Vizitsa,Milies, Gatzea, Kala Nera, Gatzea, Koropi, Afissos

Distance:  Minimum 55km – Maximum 65km

Pelion ( B Zone)

East: Zagora-Horefto-Agios Ioannis, Damouchari, Mouresi, Tsangarada,

South: Argalasti, Lefokastro, Kalamos, Horto, Milina

Distance:  Minimum 71km – Maximum 127km