Of all the villages in Pelion, Portaria has been the greatest in terms of commercial growth since it had many eras of prosperity and wealth. It is built on the western slopes of Pelion, north of Volos in a green hillside with flowing waters and panoramic views of the Pagasetic and the surrounding villages. Occasionally it has been given many namings such as “The Lady of Pelion” and “The lady at reception” as it is the first village towards the mountain peak and so it has to “welcome” travellers.

If you decide to visit Portaria, take enough time to discover the many sights. It features, like most villages of Pelion, many large neoclassical mansions built in Thessalian/Macedonian style with stone slab roofs showing the wealth that the area faced, many of which operate today as guesthouses. Villagers, who returned after years of migrating in Egypt, built most of these well-preserved stone mansions.
Of course the village could not miss the picturesque cobbled streets, beautiful trails and fountains with running water. We advice you to walk the path of the Centaurs, which makes a round trip of the village and marvel the lush vegetation and nature’s beauty. In the area of Karavos, relax and let your senses feel the magic that is offered by the waters of the waterfall. These waters originate from the fountain Mana, located higher, in a landscaped area with a paved square.

Besides sightseeing, visitors will have the chance to attend in a series of cultural events that take place in the village through out the year. These events have a wide range, from a flower exhibition in May, where one can marvel the fragrances and the colors with which the village is flooded, dance festivals organized in the summer (Children’s folk dance festival and International folk dance festival) where you can enjoy music and dances to the revival of the traditional Pelion wedding every August, which is regarded as one of the most important events taking place. Finally, for the motorsport enthusiasts, in September, the Portaria Hill climb rally event takes place, organized by Volos Auto Club, and is part of the national hill climb championship.

Before leaving the village, do not miss tasting some local tsipouro or buying some of the handmade sweets produced by the women’s agrotourism company located in Portaria.

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